World Oceans Day

This is probably one of the most important days in the the world, especially in the world of today. There’s so much happening and so much is happening very quickly. The oceans are dying,our planet 🌏 is changing and that not for the best. Can you tell who is to blame?  Yes you’re right, it is the human race, the important dwellers of the planet. 

Oceans go grey

You’re probably wondering what the planet has to do with oceans day, but if you didn’t already know, you’ll be interested in this. Today is a reminder of how important the oceans are and even more importantly the life that is in them. In the past two years alone the sea life threat shot out of the roof, because of the pandemic. 

The amount of used masks found on the beach and in the sea itself was disgraceful, the reduced security on oceans due to domestic crimes during the pandemic meant that a lot of illegal activities, like illegal fishing were taking place. 

Don’t even get me started on the global warming. 

Fashion industry  contributions 

Additionally, fashion industry also plays a big role in the preservation of the planet. With fashion being the most consumed product in the world after food, any awareness projected brings a massive difference. 

Therefore, Yanafella as a sustainable brand makes sure that substantial research is done before any product is purchased. Also we recycle any excess material making sure it does not end up in a place where it’s not supposed to be. Check out our sustainable products. 

Join the movement, whatever industry you’re in, do your part to make sure that you fight for your world and sustain your planet🌏.

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