Sweet Sunshine Fundamentals

It seems like we are almost closing the summer doors but the sunshine is still lingering about. Most of us are still anticipating the summer holidays when the schools are officially closed for the hot season. So we have put together some of the sunshine essentials for parents to be wary of during the sunny holidays.Despite the cons of being out in the sunshine with children, truth is, it is needed but it must be had in a very safe way.


On the tip of our list is definitely yours and your kids’ health.Park, flowers, and hay fever are all synonyms for a perfect British summer. We can’t pick and choose but we will have what’s handed to us. For those like many who love the sunshine yet are not resisted by hay fever, keep your prescribed remedies close by. Also you may want to enjoy park walks with the good old covid mask. This is fundamental if you want to enjoy a longer summer.


The next on our list is your safety from the UV and sun burn. First of all, make sure that you find a perfect swim suit for your little one, then everyone will enjoy summer. In choosing protective clothing what maters more than style in summer is right material. In glasses, you need to make sure that they not only stylish but can keep the sun from the eye and this applies to all ages. When it comes to the skin, it’s best to know your skin type and prepare beforehand. Apply a lot of sunscreen if you need to and stay shaded if needed,

Finally style 

It’s not a coincidence that summer rhymes with colour. It’s essential to be stylish during this hot season. Why ? because it’s the only chance you get to be colourful without being judged or looking too bright on a gloomy day. Why not take a look at some of our bright and colourful sunshine essentials here

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