My greatest hope is to put a smile on every child’s face. If they can be inspired that life is worth living and that they are the creator of their happiness my job will be done.I tell the story of a child enjoys the adventures of merging nations through fashion.

I am, Bonani (Bee) before, I was born to my mother and father, I am married the most amazing being Jabulani Mapundu (JB), mother to 3 handsome boys, friend and the list is endless. You can imagine how segmented my life can be just like any other human being. So what do I do to keep me grounded?

Born in Zimbabwe I grew up seeing my mother sewing to put food on the table. I fell in love with sewing and creating. Against all persuasion by my family to study do their studies I got into a technical College and studied Clothing Textile design. When I moved to the United Kingdom life happened and I found myself serving in the healthcare service for nearly 20years. I have enjoyed saving lives, supporting women through childbirth. I believe that is time for me to answer to my call of serving people through my creations because it fires me up big time. I am a visionary and I love a challenge.

Yanafella is my vision for children fashion but not limited. It is an expression of fun and safari flare but also cheeky in nature. I love creating and when I start I get lost in space time reality. What a good feeling!  I believe that when one is wearing the most beautiful piece of clothing they cannot resist being happy. The name Yanafella (a name that is inspired by the term banafela (Tswana) meaning all the children). The products at Yanafella are centred on liberating the child and allowing them to use their voice.

The journey starts with engaging children using vibrant colours, a mix of plain fabrics and prints from various parts of the world. Some pieces will be limited depending on how the fabric is sourced and availability. The clashes of colour, print and patterns are an infusion that creates an everlasting engaging contrast. Stick around and enjoy the journey with the Yanafella community. 

But most of all as much as possible the world will be viewed from the child's perspective within the Yanafella community. The question is "..will you listen?"