Don’t you all love kids with their innocence and purity that emanates from their souls?

As a community that loves children, we at Yanafella want to share our passion for creativity with you and your child(ren). We seek to do this through the creation of colourful clothes with an array of patterns.

Now, unlike what many may think, clothes are not just purposed for providing warmth and comfort. They can influence emotions depending on their colours. Research confirms that vivid colours evoke happiness. So, we at the Yanafella community go the extra mile to ensure that we use fabrics that are comfortable and have unique colours and prints.

Lets put things into perspective and give you an insight into why we are the perfect choice for your child as a brand.

First Things First; What Is Yanafella?

Yanafella is a derivative of the word term banafela (Tswana), and it means children only. The name choice is about paying homage to the founder (Bonani Mapundu’s grandma, Tswana from South Africa).

We have created a journey exclusively for you and your child(ren) to experience online fashion,  home furnishings, books, creative workshops the Yanafella way. We invite you to join the community and be a part of curating your child’s wardrobe in what the world may consider bold and colourful.

So are you a mum in need of beautiful clothing and accessories for your child(ren)?    

           We have you covered!

So Why Do We Focus On Bright Colored Fabrics?
Did you know that colours can influence moods and feelings? Bright colours such as red, orange, and yellow evoke energy, happiness, and optimism. At Yanafella, we seek to give children such great feelings by offering clothing and accessories made with bright coloured African and non-African fabrics and prints. Some of such fashion items on sale are jumpsuits, boys shirts, accessories, and much more.

When you dress your children in our with beautiful pieces, they can’t resist being happy. Awwww 🥰

Yanafella is not without you!, so we would like to hear how you would love us to make your experience a lot more enjoyable by leaving your comment below. 😎